Packaging  Products and Service : "One Stop Service" for Packaging Design , Supply , Assembly and Logisitcs
 Amber Global Co. Ltd. delivers the "One Stop Service" to help you to : 
  • Design an optimised packaging to ship your products.
  • Pack your goods in-house or through a sourced packaging service.
  • Improve your packaging automation and process.
  • Support in procurement of better and cheaper packaging materials.
  • consult to improve logisitics , quality for damaged goods reduction and stock control.
Amber Global also provides individual packaging services :
  Packaging Consulting Packaging Assembly Services Packaging Logistics
  • Design of packaging solution   
  • Un-stuffing/Stuffing Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Verification of Packaging Designs
  • Handling intake and outtake
  • International Freight Forwarder
  • One Stop Shop Coordination of Design, Supply and Assembly Packaging
  • Storage into the assigned location
  • Worldwide Agency Network
  • Supply Consulting    
  • Inventory control & management
  • Sea Freight / Air Freight / Land Transport
  • Quality assurance of Design , Supply and assembly
  • Palletization and Un-palletizaton
  • Logistics / Warehouse / Distribution / Management
  • Just In Time Delivery Consulting   
  • Picking,Sorting,Packing/Re-packing and Crating.
  • Customs Clearance Service Ship / Liner Agencies
  • Packaging Audit and Re-Engineering Business
  • Provided Labor Onsite
  • Stevedoring Services
  • Services for Packaging Automation
  • Warehouse Management Services
  • Project Cargo & Heavy of Vessels, Barges & Offshore Service

Amber Global is also re-seller of Packaging Supply.

We help our client to procure the best fit and most economic solutions for your packaging requirements.

Amber Global Co. Ltd. is re-seller of packaging supply to build compete packaging solutions for shipment of your goods. This also includes engineering services to pack special equipment from special electronics to heavy equipment.

For manufacturing products that come in volume production we use the following base materials for the packaging solution :


  • Corrugated Box

  • Foam Cushion 

  • Poly Bag

  • Spacer Insert

  • Thermo Formed Tray

  • Wood and Metal


On request of the client we can also provide re-usable packaging solutions or eco-packaging.

Further we can assist the client to reduce packaging waste and cost.

  Engineering Service :
        Make to order/fabrication and sheet metal.
          - Jig/Fixture

          - Machine Tools

          - Test Equipment

          - In-Line Equipment

      Construction Extension and Home Interior service :

- Design for Home and Shop Interior Improvement

- Design for Home Extension

- Construction for Extensions and Design Improvement

Inventing the future , …
… unhindered by the past!

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